Pay attention, I said "easy way", not "fast way"!

Mockingbird is a Limited Availability hero of Avengers Alliance with great abilities, a dream to many players. On Black Friday, Playdom sold her for 200 cp, then announced that Avengers Initiative players will get her FOR FREE, just defeating Captain America's boss! Then, they said that players should beat Taskmaster three times... but it's NOT THAT SIMPLE!

There is a HUGE missunderstanding about this award. Because Playdom didn't explained well on its page ( But I found the truth within coments on this page:

  • Taskmaster must be defeated three times without taking losses or retreating. You must defeat Taskmaster at level 25, level 50 and level 75 consecutively. The 'Free As A Bird' Achievement will be awarded in Marvel XP and Mockingbird will be available to recruit in Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

So, what's the easiest way of beating an enemy? Being stronger then him! Don't expect to start the game and imediatelly beat Taskmaster three times with no losses. It's almost impossible to beat him at level 75 while you're bellow level 5. But, to level up, you have to go thought a lot of fights, eventually facing (and being defeated by) Taskmaster.

Here's what you should do: play a lot, level up Cap until level 20-25, investing more points on Valor, then Damage, not much on Health and Stamina... When I was at level 23, I've defeated Taskmaster five times and he was at level 150. So, we need to "reset" his level.

Pause the game and do a "Tactical Retreat", this will reset enemies' level and we can beat Taskmaster three times in a row, at levels 25, 50 and 75.

On level 25, Taskmaster is really easy. At this point, you should already know how to avoid most of his moves; those which you couldn't avoid shouldn't be a problem. Use some "life steal" augments and heal yourself if necessary.

Same thing on level 50, but this time, taking some hits may be dangerous (remember, YOU CAN'T BE DEFEATED). So, have some medkits and valor packs. Have your Valor always 100% (refill with Valor Packs) and, when Taskmaster grabs his sword, use a Valor move.

On level 75, double attention! Buy some Valor Packs on the Store (it's cheap, 20 Valor Packs for 4000 ISOs) and use a Valor move after another. At level 50 and 75, a sword hit can kill you imediatelly, don't let that happen!

Do this and get "FREE AS A BIRD" award! Remember, It can take some time to get the reward on Avengers Alliance, but there is nothing to do but wait. Get your award and way for Mockingbird.

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